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PetVita Natural Omega 3

Ultra refined Omega 3 Liquid Supplement for Dogs ₹ 490.00
Your dog will need PetVita if they have:
  • Itchy or Scaly Skin
  • Dandruff Issues
  • Eczema or Allergy-like Symptoms
  • Weight Loss
  • Hot Spots or Delay In Wound Healing
  • Frequent Infections Like Ear Infections
  • Weakened Visual Ability
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Thin, Dull or Discoloured Coat
  • Excessive Shedding or Hair Loss
  • Vulnerable to Environmental Toxins and Pollutants

PetVita Natural Omega 3 has a higher concentration of EPA & DHA, compared to other products in the segment.”

Why PetVita Natural Omega 3?

PetVita understands how much you love and care for your pet. Precisely why it comes carefully monitored from souring till the end product - ensuring your pet maximum health advantages.

ALA (vegetable sourced) is the parent fatty acid of the Omega 3 family. The conversion of Omega 3 to very long chain fatty acid EPA & DHA from ALA is drastically minimal because it requires the work of enzymes such as desaturase, elongase etc., in the body.

PetVita is sourced from wild caught low life span marine fish like sardine from pollution free zone. The oil from these fishes is 3rd party tested for mercury, lead, and other toxins at the stage of extraction. It is then refined and ultra-refined to ensure supreme quality Omega 3. PetVita is specially formulated Omega 3 fatty acid in its natural triglyceride form, enriched with multi vitamins and added 100% natural non GMO antioxidant. This makes PetVita the same quality as human grade Omega 3.

Hence, PetVita offers you unmatched nutrition advantage. All our fish oils come in natural triglyceride form and follow the meticulous international standards to ensure maximum purity & freshness. Daily dosage of PetVita Omega 3 will bring quick and evident improvement in your pet's overall health.

  • Better Immunity

    EPA & DHA in PetVita helps relieves pain and distress caused due to inflammation and improves blood chemistry. Omega 3 supplementation helps increase the activity of T-cells in the system which enhances the ability to fight infections. EPA & DHA in PetVita also acts as an energy booster.

  • Better Growth

    DHA accounts for a major percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids in brain and eye. This explains why a dogs supplemented with omega 3 have better neurological & cognitive development. Supplementing dogs with omega 3 during pregnancy has shown better development in the litter too.

  • Better Intelligence

    Omega 3 majorly aids in development of neurons in the brain. This in turns helps in improving inattention and the ability to complete tasks. They also decrease hyperactivity, impulsiveness, restlessness and aggression.

  • Healthy Heart

    Studies have shown that dogs on high omega 3 supplementation benefited from improved cardiovascular health. There is clinical evidence that omega 3 helps in increasing the stability of plaque, which prevents ruptures that may lead to clots or heart attacks. Fatty acids from PetVita can lower the amounts of triglycerides and increase HDL, that helps in lowering the amount of TG.

  • Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat

    fatty acids are vital for maintaining normal skin structure and functioning due to its structural role in membranes. Multiple studies have proven the clear benefits of increased dosage of EPA & DHA in the management of skin/coat conditions like allergies, excessive shedding and other amongst many.

  • Smooth Joints

    Multiple researches has concluded that animals on rich Omega 3 diet, found relief from the pain and damages of Osteoarthritis. Whereas those who were on a high omega 6 diet, worsened their condition. This is because omega 6 produces bad eicosanoids in the body which leads to worsening of inflammation. Omega 3 helps by producing good eicosanoids to tackle inflammation.