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Microfiltered &
Deodourised Natural
Source Omega 3, 6, 9
for Dogs

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Global Class Nutritional
Supplement For Cats
and Puppies

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Semi-refined Omega 3
& Vitamin Rich Nutritional
Supplement For Cattle

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Naturally Derived
Safe Omega 3 For Fast
Growing Farm Animals

Discover Goodness with OMEGANUTRI™

OmegaNutri™ is dedicated in bringing the natural goodness of Omega 3 (Essential Fatty Acids) to your Pets. We perfectly understand the need of superior quality Omega 3 supplements in animals and that is why we have come out with our top of the line product range to ensure that they get the best.

OmegaNutri™ brings Omega 3 in a variety of highly purified forms to suit animals, be it pets or livestock. Exceptional quality being the signature benchmark of OmegaNutri™ products, we’re sure you will be able to meet their overall nutritional needs and keep them healthy .

Our products are sourced from Arbee Bio-Marine Extracts Pvt. Ltd. - an ISO 22000, EIA and GMP Certified company which has production facilities across south India. Being the country’s largest exporter of purified fish oil, Arbee has world-class facilities and equipment including top-of-the-line technology, to ensure a product quality on par with US and European standard.

“World-class facilities with top-of-the-line technology to ensure a product qualtiy on par with global standards.”

Benefits of Omega 3 in Animals

  • Better Immunity
  • Better Intelligence
  • Healthy & Shiny Coat
  • Better Growth
  • Healthy Heart
  • Smooth Joints

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"In case any of your canines are suffering from hair loss, red patches aka hot spots, seborrheic dermatitis aka flaking; please use Petvita. I have been using it for the past 6 months and I am seeing fantastic results. Much better alternative to usual stuff available."

Dr. Sujith George

"PetVita has worked wonders for my dogs, especially Gabbar - my champion pug. His fur and coat has become amazingly soft and shiny. He also has better digestion. I’d defenitely recomend PetVita as your dog’s daily source of Omega 3. Trust me! It works."

Baljit Bhullar - Breeder

"Having bred & trained Pomeranians for years, I can assure you that I have not seen such great results with any other product in the Indian market so far. My dog had lost a lot of her hair due to shedding this year and after starting PetVita, it’s all back and better. She won this year’s Best In Show at Silicon City Kennel Club Dog Show, conducted in March 2018."